Scleral Contact Lenses

If you have an irregular cornea or ocular surface disease, scleral contact lenses may be the vision solution you’ve been looking for. As an optometrist in Mission Viejo, Dr. Leila Ahmadi fits patients with scleral lenses to improve vision and comfort. Read on to learn more about this unique contact lens option.

Sclreal Lenses

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are large diameter gas permeable lenses that vault over the entire cornea and rest on the sclera, or white portion of the eye. Unlike regular soft contacts, scleral lenses do not touch the fragile surface of the cornea. They create a liquid reservoir that acts as a protective barrier between the lens and the eye. The large diameter offers excellent stability as well. Scleral lenses are made from high oxygen permeable rigid gas permeable plastic, reducing the risk of eye irritation and infection compared to older lenses made from materials like glass or PMMA plastic.

Who Needs Scleral Contact Lenses?

People with the following conditions can benefit greatly from scleral lenses:

  • Irregular corneas such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, or post-refractive surgery corneas
  • Ocular surface diseases like dry eyes or recurrent corneal erosions
  • Corneal scars or opacities
  • Astigmatism and other refractive errors

The vaulting effect of the lens protects sensitive corneas and creates a smooth optical surface for clear, comfortable vision.

Other Names for Scleral Lenses

Scleral contact lenses go by many names, including:

  • Scleral gas permeable (GP) lenses
  • Semi-scleral lenses
  • Large diameter GP lenses
  • PROSE treatment, or prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem

No matter what they are called, these large lenses all work by vaulting over the cornea without touching it.

Custom Fittings for Optimal Comfort

At Leila Ahmadi Optometry, our eye care specialist provides precision measurements and custom fittings to ensure each scleral lens hugs the unique contours of your eyes comfortably. With healthy vision and real eye comfort again, you can get back to doing all the activities you love.

Looking for an Eye Doctor Near You in Mission Viejo, CA?

If you have an irregular cornea or ocular surface disease, scleral contact lenses may be the ideal vision solution. Contact Leila Ahmadi Optometry in Mission Viejo today to schedule an evaluation. Regain clear vision and healthy eyes with scleral lenses expertly fitted to your eyes.


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