A number of issues can plague our eyes, ranging from mild to severe. Not only are these conditions not necessarily permanent, but ignoring them may also end up making them worse. By working with an optometrist and taking care of your eyes in your day-to-day life, you can avoid or reduce the risk of several of these conditions with our optometrist in Mission Viejo at Leila Ahmadi Optometry.

What are common eye conditions?

There are particular conditions that are more likely to occur than others or are simply more severe. Below are some examples of such conditions.


Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness globally and is unfortunately difficult to detect in the early stages for many people. To detect it, you need to look out for it through a comprehensive dilated eye exam from an eye care specialist near you. It can occur at any age, but the risk increases with age.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes can occur in multiple ways, either your eyes are not making enough tears to stay wet or your tears are not working properly. Dry eye is a common affliction, though it is usually just uncomfortable. However, it should not be ignored, as dry eyes may cause vision problems. To avoid dry eyes, consider:

  • Giving them a break (especially from the computer or phone)
  • Moisturizing them as needed
  • Cutting down on smoking

Red Eye

Red eyes, meanwhile, usually occur as a result of being irritated, bloodshot, or infected (such as in the case of conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye). The best way to avoid red eyes is to not rub your eyes, avoid smoking, and if you wear contact lenses, always make sure they're clean before wearing.


A stye can be found on a person's eyelid and resembles a pimple. You may also experience pain or redness in the area. The stye has pus in it and typically can be dealt with using a warm washcloth and waiting a few days.

Foreign Body Removal

This may seem like a confusing term, but it merely refers to the removal of a foreign object from a part of the body (in this case, your eye). In this case, the best approach is to ensure that you wear protective eyewear when doing anything where it would be recommended. The procedure is generally safe, but as with all surgeries, there is some risk involved.

Corneal Aberration and Ulcers

Issues affecting the cornea can be severe, deriving from external damage to the cornea or defects in the eye. Corneal ulcers are commonly experienced by people who wear contact lenses, so if you seem to experience eye pain or blurriness, consider wearing glasses instead.

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